I miei 50 dischi e dischetti del 2022

Semplice semplice. 30 + 15 + 5 fa 50. Come i miei anni. E questi sono i 50 dischi e dischetti che ho ascoltato/amato di più nel corso del 2022. In rigoroso ordine alfabetico. Buon anno e buona musica.

30 album stranieri

ARTSICK “Fingers Crossed” (Slumberland)

THE BLACK ANGELS “Wilderness Of Mirror” (Partisan)

BLACK LIPS “Apocalypse Love” (Fire)

BODEGA “Broken Equipment” (What’s Your Rupture?)

THE CHATS “Get Fucked” (Bargain Bin)

THE COOL GREENHOUSE “Sod’s Toastie” (Melodic)

THE DELINES “The Sea Drift” (Decor)

DELIVERY “Forever Giving Handshakes” (Spoilsport/Anti Fade/Feel It)

DITZ “The Great Regression” (Alcopop!)

DOE ST “Doe St” (Legless)

FONTAINES D.C. “Skinty Fia” (Partisan)

GLAAS “Qualm” (Static Shock)

HOORSEES “A Superior Athlete” (Howlin’ Banana/Kanine)

HOVERIII “A Round Of Applause” (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)

LE MAMØØTH “Tantrum” (Six Tonnes De Chair)

MAIORANO “LUNA NOVA” (Something Beautiful)

NIGHTSHIFT “Made Of The Earth” (Trouble In Mind)

PACK RAT “Glad To Be Forgotten” (Drunken Sailor)

PINCH POINTS “Process” (Mistletone/Exploding In Sound/Erste Theke Tonträge)

R.E. SERAPHIN “Swingshift” (Dandy Boy/Safe Suburban Home/Mt. St. Mtn.)


ROMERO “Turn It On!” (Feel It/Cool Death)

SICK THOUGHTS “Heaven Is No Fun” (Total Punk)

SMIRK “Material” (Feel It)

SPLIT SYSTEM “Vol. 1” (Legless/Drunken Sailor)

STRANGE COLOURS “Future’s Almost Over” (Slovenly)

STRAW MAN ARMY “SOS” (La Vida Es Un Mus/D4MT Labs Inc. Neurosonic Research)

UNIK UBIK “I’m Not Feng Shui” (Humpty Dumpty)

VINTAGE CROP “Kibitzer” (Anti Fade/Upset The Rhythm)

YARD ACT “The Overload” (ZEN F.C./Island)

15 album italiani

BEBALONCAR “Suicide Lovers” (Rubber Soul)

BRADIPOS IV “Bradipos IV” (Hi-Tide Recordings)

CHRONICS “Do You Love The Sun?” (Mod Platters/Puke n’ Vomit)

THE COGS “White Boy White Girl” (Bad Man)

DADAR “Iron Cage” (Goodbye Boozy)

THE DELINQUENTS “Too Late Too Little Too Loose” (Take The City)

GREY BLUE ASHES “Shallow People” (Otitis Media)

HAKAN “Hakan Manifesto” (One Chord Wonder)

LEATHERETTE “Fiesta” (Bronson)

THE LINGS “The Lings” (Slack/Kool Kat)

THE MIDNIGHT KINGS “Last Chance To Dance” (Wild Honey)

NOT MOVING L.T.D. “Love Beat” (Area Pirata)

OSSI “Ossi” (Snowdonia)

THE PROCRASTINATORS “Amazing” (Burning Sound/Sour Grapes)

THE STRANGE FLOWERS “Crossing A Wasteland” (Rubber Soul)

5 singoli / EP

CLASS “Class” (Feel It)

GEE TEE VEE “Halloween 21” (Goodbye Boozy)

THE MINNEAPOLIS URANIUM CLUB “Two Things At Once (Again)” (Strange Lords LLC)

MOAR “Flatfoot” (Belly Button/Zoe Zoe/Permanent Freak/Ronny Rex)

NEUTRALS “Bus Stop Night EP” (Static Shock)