48 album del 2020

Nel 2020 ho compiuto 48 anni e la sagra continua, come cantava Lou X. Ecco i 48 dischi che mi hanno fatto più compagnia durante questo anno balordo (+ altri 5 album italiani di straforo).

35 album stranieri

1. THE COOL GREENHOUSE “The Cool Greenhouse” (Melodic)

2. ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVER “Sideways To New Italy” (Sub Pop)

3. THE CHATS “High Risk Behaviour” (Bargain Bin/Cooking Vinyl)

4. IDLES “Ultra Mono” (Partisan)

5. STIFF RICHARDS “State Of Mind” (Legless/Drunken Sailor)

6. BRAT FARRAR “Adventures In The Skin Trade” (Beast)

7. HOLY WAVE “Interloper” (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)

8. SPECIAL INTEREST “The Passion Of” (Thrilling Living/Night School)

9. TRUE SONS OF THUNDER “It Was Then That I Was Carrying You” (Total Punk)

10. FONTAINES D.C. “A Hero’s Death” (Partisan)

11. DESTINATION LONELY “Nervous Breakdown” (Voodoo Rhythm)

12. CHUBBY & THE GANG “Speed Kills” (Static Shock)

13. COCKTAILS “Catastrophic Entertainment” (Alien Snatch!/Wizard+Potions)

14. SCIENCE MAN “Science Man II” (Big Neck/Swimming Faith)

15. CATHEDRALE “Houses Are Built The Same” (Howlin’ Banana)

16. IZZY & THE BLACK TREES “Trust No Me” (Antena Krzyku)

17. RAVI SHAVI “Special Hazards” (Almost Ready)

18. COOL JERKS “England” (Night Versus Day/Tapetalks)

19. VINTAGE CROP “Serve To Serve Again” (Anti Fade/ Upset! The Rhythm)

20. THE SATANIC TOGAS “X-Ray Vision” (Goodbye Boozy)

21. SMARTS “Who Needs Smarts, Anyway” (Anti Fade/Feel It)

22. TONY DORK “Struggle Street” (Legless)

23. COACH PARTY “Party Food” (Chess Club)

24. THE STROPPIES “Look Alive!” (Tough Love)

25. ZOMBEACHES “Cheers To The Future” (Buttercup)

26. POTTERY “Welcome To Bobby’s Motel” (Partisan)

27. THE HOMESICK “The Big Exercise” (Sub Pop)

28. L.A. WITCH “Play With Fire” (Suicide Squeeze)

29. X “Alphabetland” (Fat Possum)

30. THE SPYRALS “Same Old Line” (Fuzz Club)

31. THE HANNAH BARBERAS “Into The Wild” (Spinout Nuggets/Gazer Tapes)

32. ADULKT LIFE “Book Of Curses” (What’s Your Rupture?)

33. GIRLATONES “Horn If You’re Honky” (Meritorio/Lost And Lonesome)

34. LITHICS “Tower Of Age” (Trouble In Mind)

35. BOOTCHY TEMPLE “In Consummated Bloom” (Howlin’ Banana/Safe In The Rain)

10 album italiani

1. BEE BEE SEA “Day Ripper” (Wild Honey)

2. HALLELUJAH! “Wanna Dance” (Maple Death)

3. MOVIE STAR JUNKIES “Shadow Of A Rose” (Teenage Menopause)

4. MANIAXXX “The Last Nightmare Of Captain Mission” (Beast)

5. GOLDEN SHOWER “Dildo Party” (Area Pirata)

6. THE DIRTIEST “Sovranista” (Slovenly)

7. BIG MOUNTAIN COUNTY “Somewhere Else” (Porto)

8. GLI SPORTIVI “Special Breakfast” (Flue)

9. WASTED PIDO “Wasted Pido Ghost Revenge” (Macina/Burning Sound/Dead Music/Road Sweet Road/Rotten Babuino)

10. BRAVATA “Bravata” (White Zoo)

+ altri 5 album italici, dai… DAYGLO DEMONS “Dayglo Demons” (Fakirs Bay Autoproduzione), MOTOSEGA “Another Lost Chance To Shut Your Mouth” (Slack/Sonatine/Tuscia Clan/ControCanti/DIY Kambo/Distrozione), THE MANGES “Punk Rock Addio” (Striped), NERO KANE “Tales Of Faith And Lunacy” (Nasoni/Bloodrock/Anacortes), SDH “Mad Show” (SHAM Foundation)

… infine 3 album “pop” cantati in italiano

LILA ENGEL “Labirinti/Lallazioni” (Skank Bloc)

PERTURBAZIONE “(dis)amore” (Ala Bianca)

UMBERTO PALAZZO “L’eden dei lunatici” (Autoproduzione/Diggers Factory)